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Institution: Edmonds Community College
Lynnwood, Washington
Faculty-Education-Other Education (study Of)
Posted: 01/24/2013
Type: Fulltime
Salary Range: $2,426.00 - $3,041.00  USD Per Month
Application Due: 02/06/2013
Easy Application:
*Remember to mention to employers when applying for this job*

NOTE: THIS IS A TEMPORARY POSITION, EXPECTED TO END ON JUNE 7, 2013. THIS POSITION WILL NOT CONTINUE INTO THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. There is great linguistic diversity in our enrolled population with Spanish as the majority language spoken by children and parents. SCHS/EHS values each child’s home language and the essential role that parents play in their child’s learning including acquisition of language and literacy. The Associate Teacher works intimately with children in the classroom building a trusting and respectful relationship with each child and, under the direction of the Teacher, implementing the child’s individual learning strategies. To be successful, the Associate Teacher must be able to communicate effectively with all children. Of the 26 Head Start classes, 85% have an enrollment of 60% or more children whose home language is Spanish. To ensure service equity and quality, Centers that have a large percentage of Spanish speaking families require the delivery of Head Start educational services in Spanish (Head Start Performance Standards 1304.52(g)(2)). Candidates for the Associate Teacher position must be able to carry on an adult conversation in Spanish. SCOPE OF WORK The Associate Teacher (AT) is the primary support person in the classroom and works under the direction of the morning and afternoon Teachers. The AT’s core responsibilities are ensuring the health and safety of all children in the classroom, giving feedback on classroom functioning and success of planned activities, providing input into classroom curriculum planning, classroom set-up and its management, implementing individual child educational programming as directed by the Teacher, preparing curriculum materials, setting-up, taking down and cleaning up the classroom and materials, executing classroom snack and meal service, working with children individually in both small and large groups, and upholding SCHS/EHS policies, protocols and procedures. In the absence of the Teacher, the AT assumes classroom leadership and management responsibilities in executing the planned curriculum, implementing the established classroom schedule and routine, supervising children and directing Aides and volunteers. Under the general direction of the Teacher, the Associate Teacher assists in establishing, monitoring and maintaining a safe and healthy classroom learning environment; planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets children's individual physical, intellectual, language, literacy, creative, self identity, and social/emotional needs; providing a variety of opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information between home and school; and, providing leadership to the classroom education team is a member of the Center’s (classroom) Direct Services Team with the morning and afternoon Teachers and the Parent Services Specialist records anecdotal observations, conducts screenings and assessments according to standardized instructions, and, as directed, maintains paper and electronic documentation and records Consistent education staff attendance is integral to the success of the classroom experience for both children and families, essential for children’s learning continuity and preparedness for kindergarten. As such, punctuality and consistent attendance are essential functions of this position. It is the expectation of SCHS that Education staff maintain at least a 95% attendance rate throughout the school year. : KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS The Associate Teacher must demonstrate skills in classroom and behavior management that includes establishing routines, managing transitions, implementing developmentally appropriate activities, and encouraging children’s development of language and literacy skills. The AT contributes to the development of age appropriate learning activities that requires a working knowledge of child development and early learning principles. Using appropriate English, the Associate Teacher must be able to record objective anecdotal observations, implement prescribed screenings and assessments according to standardized instructions, and, under direction, maintain paper and electronic documentation and records. As an Education Team member, the Associate Teacher must be professional in the execution of all work tasks and work relationships. The AT must be able to contribute to, implement and provide feedback on the classroom curriculum. The Associate Teacher must exhibit an understanding of the importance of parents and parent partnerships in the child’s learning process and in classroom operation. The Associate Teacher must also be sensitive to the factors effecting low-income families, be aware of child abuse and neglect indicators and reporting responsibilities. The Associate Teacher must exhibit abilities to direct Aides and Volunteers in their execution of assigned work tasks, provide feedback, both corrective and positive, and to contribute to the development of Aides' and Volunteers' skills. The position requires the ability to communicate (verbally and in writing) in a clear and respectful manner, good time management and organizational skills, and the appropriate use of written English in records documentation. It is expected that the Associate Teacher participate in the growth and strengthening of their early childhood education skills and knowledge through at least earning a child development associate credential within 2 years from the time of hire; being enrolled in a program leading to an associate or baccalaureate degree; or being enrolled in a child development associate credential program to be completed within 2 years from the time of hire. In addition to increasing their knowledge, understanding of and skills with children, it is SCHS's expectation that the Associate Teacher executes their positional responsibilities in a professional manner that includes working in a respectful manner with all children, parents and co-workers, maintaining child and family confidentiality, completing required forms and paperwork in a timely, neat, readable and appropriate manner, and implementing SCHS professional work expectations and standards. Qualifications: MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 1. In the last five years, worked a minimum of one year as the second adult in a preschool classroom 2. In the last five years, earned 15 college credits in early childhood education, child growth and development, early learning and/or pre-k special education (evidence must be included at the time of application) 3. Must hold a high school diploma or GED 4. Must be 18 years of age or older DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS CDA or AA in ECE or three years as an Associate Teacher in a preschool classroom. Experience in documentation and record keeping. Ability to hold an adult-level conversation in Spanish. Additional Information: SUPERVISION The morning and afternoon Teachers are responsible for directing the work of the Associate Teacher. This includes, but is not limited to, regularly assigning, instructing, directing, checking, and providing feedback on the quality of the AT's work. An AT may direct the work of Aides and classroom volunteers. The AT must be able to use professional judgment in implementing decisions within the scope of an assigned responsibility. The AT is required to work independently within all areas of designated areas of responsibilities seeking feedback and guidance from the directing Teacher. The Education/Disability Manager provides the Associate Teacher with general supervision, signs leave slips, conducts performance reviews, makes employment recommendations, provides oversight for quality and accountability, sees to the job description implementation by providing suitable guidelines and instruction, arranges for necessary training, and oversees assignment of work tasks and monitoring of job performance. The Teachers may give the Education/Disability Manager (E/DM) input into the AT's performance review. The AT may be asked for input on Teacher Aide or volunteers’ performance on implementing assigned work tasks.

Easy Application:
*Remember to mention to employers when applying for this job*



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