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Systems Analyst

Institution: Imperial Valley College
Imperial, California
Posted: 06/29/2013
Type: Fulltime
Salary Range: $45,132 - $49,752  USD Per Year
Application Due: 07/08/2013
Easy Application:
*Remember to mention to employers when applying for this job*

CLASSIFIED VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT POSITION Systems Analyst WORK SITE/DURATION Student Services, Technology, & Research Full-time, 12 month position, 40 hours per week (100%) District Funded COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Salary placement on step 1 through 3 (depending on education and experience) Range 26 on Classified Salary Scale #3 POSITION DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION Please see attached job description for all information. LICENSE REQUIREMENT Valid Driver’s License APPLICATION DEADLINE Monday, July 8, 2013 by 5:00 pm To be considered for the position, applicants must submit the following application materials to the Imperial Valley College Human Resources Office by the application deadline in order to assure consideration for the position. Faxed and emailed material will be accepted with the original material as a follow up via mail. Applications which do not include all of the required materials will not be forwarded to the screening committee for consideration. Materials submitted become property of the District and will not be returned, copied, or considered for other openings. Application materials are available for downloading from the Imperial Valley College website, Emailed applications can be sent to (all documents required must be signed and submitted and the original hard copy must follow). Imperial Community College District is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. IMPERIAL VALLEY COLLEGE HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE P.O. Box 158 Imperial, CA 92251 (760) 355-6212 Fax (760) 355-6211 IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES Dear Applicant: The following checklist is provided for your assistance in ensuring your application packet is complete; incomplete applications cannot be forwarded to our screening committee. The following documents are required and must be received by application deadline: _____Completed Application signed by Applicant _____Completed Supplemental Questions (on separate sheet of paper) _____Complete & Current Resume _____Unofficial transcripts of all educational accomplishments Note: Foreign transcripts and degrees must include an evaluation by a United States clearing House _____Three (3) letters of recommendation _____Disclaimer Form _____EEO Form (optional) Please verify that your application is complete by checking each applicable item. Please sign and date the checklist and return it with your application. Thank you for your interest in Imperial Community College District/Imperial Valley College. Signature:______________________________________________ Date:________________________ IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Serving Imperial County, California 380 East Aten Road Bldg. # 2400 Telephone (760) 355-6212 P.O. Box 158, Imperial, CA 92251 Facsimile (760) 355-6211 APPLICATION FOR CLASSIFIED POSITION INSTRUCTIONS: The information you enter on this form will be used to determine your eligibility for employment with the Imperial Community College District. Be sure that you complete the form fully and accurately. Please print legibly. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The statement “See Resume” is not an acceptable response, since initial screening and qualifying will be based upon the information in this application form. NOTE: Applications are accepted only when a position is open for recruitment. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. Special accommodations: If you are in need of special services or facilities due to a disability in order to apply or interview for a position, please contact the Human Resources Office. Part I – RECRUITMENT INFORMATION POSITION: (List exactly as it appears on job announcement) FULL TIME PART TIME TEMPORARY I found out about this position from a/an: _ Walk-in/IVC Human Resources Office 5. 1.Current IVC employee 2. _ IVC website 6. _ _ Friend, relative, associate 3. _ Advertisement (Please specify : ) 7. _____ Special recruitment effort by the District 4. _ Government employment agency (EDD, etc.) 8. _ Other: Part II – APPLICANT INFORMATION Name: Last First Middle Address: Street City State Zip Code Contact Telephone Number: ( )_ Message Telephone Number: ( ) E-mail: Other names you have used in employment/education: Date you are available for work: Please indicate any hours, shifts, or days which you are not available to work: _ Do you have any friends or relatives working for Imperial Community College District? Yes_ No If yes, state name(s) and relationship: _________ Name Relationship _________ Name Relationship If you are under 18 years of age, can you obtain a work permit? Yes No Can you legally work in the United States? Yes No (Proof of citizenship or immigration status will be required upon employment.) May 2007 Page 1 of 3 Part III – EDUCATION SCHOOL NAME/LOCATION DEGREE MAJOR/MINOR (Please check one) BACHELOR’S DEGREE ____________________________________ YES NO ___________________ ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE ____________________________________ YES NO ___________________ HIGH SCHOOL ____________________________________________ YES NO ___________________ Other trade, technical, business, or military courses, certificates or diplomas that relate to this position: _______________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: Foreign transcripts and degrees must include an evaluation by a United States clearing house. Part IV – EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Read the education & experience requirements in the job announcement before completing this section. Begin with the most recent period, list all periods of employment and unemployment, including periods of military service. Use a separate sheet of paper for additional employers. Position Held: From: Mo/Yr To: Mo/Yr Total: Yr/Mo Employer: Address: Name of Immediate Supervisor & Title: Telephone Number: Full-time Part-time Seasonal/Temporary Student Employment Number of hours worked/week: Specific Duties: Reason for leaving: Voluntary Resignation Retirement Layoff Termination – PLEASE EXPLAIN:__________________________________ Position Held: From: Mo/Yr To: Mo/Yr Total: Yr/Mo Employer: Address: Name of Immediate Supervisor & Title: Telephone Number: Full-time Part-time Seasonal/Temporary Student Employment Number of hours worked/week: Specific Duties: Reason for leaving: Voluntary Resignation Retirement Layoff Termination – PLEASE EXPLAIN:__________________________________ May 2007 Page 2 of 3 Part IV – EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (continued) Position Held: From: Mo/Yr To: Mo/Yr Total: Yr/Mo Employer: Address: Name of Immediate Supervisor & Title: Telephone Number: Full-time Part-time Seasonal/Temporary Student Employment Number of hours worked/week: Specific Duties: Reason for leaving: Voluntary Resignation Retirement Layoff Termination – PLEASE EXPLAIN:__________________________________ Part V – ADDITIONAL RELEVANT JOB SKILLS List knowledge of office machines, software programs, equipment/machinery/tools or other skills or specialization: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part VI – REFERENCES Name Present Address Telephone Number ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part VII – CRIMINAL HISTORY HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME?* YES NO *If yes, please explain in detail on a separate piece of paper and attach to this form. You may exclude convictions that have been expunged, or legally sealed; certain marijuana-related offenses more than two (2) years old; misdemeanor convictions for which probation was completed and the case dismissed; and minor traffic violations. If you are unsure of your disclosure obligation, the District suggests that you seek legal advice. IMPORTANT: A conviction or the existence of a criminal record may not constitute an automatic bar to employment. The District will consider each case separately based on job requirements. However, failure to disclose constitutes grounds for dismissal. READ BEFORE SIGNING: I certify that information given herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for employment as the District may deem necessary in arriving at an employment decision. If selected as the top candidate, I hereby authorize current/former employers, references, or any person to furnish to the District their records of my service, reasons for leaving their employ, and all other information that may concern me whether or not on record. I release from any liability all persons and organizations furnishing such information requested by the District. My signature also authorizes the District to conduct a background investigation at its discretion. I am willing to take physical and other examinations when required. I understand that I will be subject to discharge if any statement in this application is found to be false or misleading. ____________________________________________________ ________________________________ APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE DATE May 2007 Page 3 of 3 An Equal Employment Opportunity Employer IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS Systems Analyst Please answer the following questions. These supplemental questions will be used as the primary tool used to screen qualified applicants for interview. Failure to submit a specific answer to each of these supplemental questions will result in your disqualification for the position. Referral to other application materials is not an acceptable answer. 1. Describe your contribution and role as a systems analyst. 2. Describe your experience working with databases, such as Oracle, MS SQL, etc. 3. Describe your experience working with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as Ellucian BANNER, Ellucian Datatel, SAP, or others. 4. Describe your experience with extracting data using SQL for creating formal reports. 5. Describe a major project you worked on, your role in the project, and what made it successful. 6. Describe your approach to assist and support an unsatisfied customer to resolve a complex technical problem. 7. Describe an effective team and how you contribute to its success. IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Employment Background Disclaimer I,______________________________________________, authorize the Imperial Community College District to make any investigation of my personal or employment history and authorize any former employer, person, firm, corporation, or government agency to give Imperial Community College District any information they may have regarding me. In consideration of the Imperial Community College District’s review of this application, I release the Imperial Community College District from any liability as a result of furnishing and receiving this information. ATTEMPTS TO INFLUENCE DISTRICT TRUSTEES Any candidate who attempts to directly or indirectly contact members of the Board of Trustees and/or employees of the District with the intent of influencing their employment decision will be disqualified from candidacy for this position. I have read and understand the provisions of the statements provided in the preceding paragraphs. Signature________________________________ Date_________________________ IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Equal Employment Opportunity Survey To comply with Federal, State, and District guidelines in equal employment, the Human Resources Office maintains and Equal Employment file, which yields the composition of the applicant pool (by number of minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities applying for employment), and recruitment sources. This form is distributed with each district application. Completing and returning the form is done on voluntary basis. The "Equal Opportunity Survey" is confidential and will not be circulated through the selection process. Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Position for which you are applying: ________________________________________________________ 1. How did you learn of the vacancy? (Please check only one of the following) (a) _____ Walk-in/IVC Human Resources Office (e) _____ Current IVC employee (b) _____ Advertisement (Please specify :____________________) (f) _____ IVC website (c) _____ Special recruitment effort by the District (g) _____ Friend, relative, associate (d) _____ Government employment agency (EDD, etc.) (h) _____ Other:_______________ Please check one block for each of the following questions: 2. What is your gender? Male: _____ Female: _____ 3. Are you over 40 years of age? Yes:_____ No_____ 4. Are you a person with disability? Yes:_____ No_____ 5. Are you a Vietnam Veteran? Yes:_____ No_____ 6. Ethnic Group Identity (a)_____White All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, or the Indian Subcontinent (Not of Hispanic Origin) (b)_____Black or African American All persons having origins in any of the Black African groups (Not of Hispanic Origin) (c)_____Hispanic or Latino All persons of Chicano, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race. (d)_____Asian All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, and Southeast Asia. This includes, for example: China, Japan, and Korea. (e)_____ Native Hawaiian or other All persons having origins in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. Pacific Islander This includes, for example: China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippine Islands. (f) _____American Indian/ All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of North Alaskan-Native America. (g)_____Two or more races Signature:______________________________________________ Date:________________________ THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION IN FILLING OUT THIS FORM! May 2007 380 E. Ira Aten Rd. IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT (760)355-6212 at Highway 111 P.O. Box 158 Imperial, California Imperial, CA 92251 Classified Employment Procedures The Imperial Community College District accepts applications for currently open positions only. Contact the Human Resources Office for further information about employment opportunities. Step #1: Application To be considered for employment with the Imperial Community College District, you must complete an employment application and the supplemental forms for this position and return them to the District Human Resources Office. Step #2: Preliminary Screening Practical Skills testing are required for certain positions. Employment applications meeting minimum qualifications are reviewed by a screening committee. Applicants selected for interview will be notified by mail or telephone. Applicants not selected for an interview will be notified by mail. Step #3: Selection Interview The screening committee will evaluate applicants meeting minimum qualifications. The most qualified applicants for the position are selected for interview by a screening committee. A second interview may be required for the top candidates. The District reserves the right to re-open or extend recruitments at any time in order to enhance the overall depth of the qualifications of the applicant pool. During the selection interview, consideration is given to various factors including, but not limited to, job-related education and experience, employment progression, ability to work with others, and work stability. Travel costs related to an interview are borne by the candidate. Step #4: Placement Once a candidate is offered the position, prior to employment, the candidate must: 1. Pass a medical examination based on the physical requirements of the job. 2. Pass a drug and alcohol screening test. (Not applicable to current District employees.) 3. Pass fingerprint clearance. 4. Provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States. A, B, and C, above, will be at District expense. Candidates who are not selected for the position will be notified by mail. The District reserves the right to contact the current or most recent employer of any candidate and to investigate past employment records. The District does not return to the candidate materials submitted in application for a position. Applications are kept on file for a period of six (6) months. The District reserves the right to re-advertise a position or to delay indefinitely the filling of a position. As required by the Staff Diversity Plan of Imperial Community College District, the Human Resources Office is required to maintain a file which will yield the composition of application flow by minority group and sex. A form will be provided for this purpose. Completing and returning the form is done on a voluntary basis by the candidate. If returned, the form will be kept separate from the application and placed in an Applicant Flow File. This information will not be used as part of the screening process. SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: If you are in need of special services or facilities due to a disability in order to apply or interview for a position, please contact the Human Resources Office. Imperial Community College District is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Title IX Employer. Keep this page for your records. IMPERIAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT CLASS TITLE: SYSTEMS ANALYST BASIC FUNCTION: The Systems Analyst reviews, analyzes, and upgrades systems and processes related to campus administrative managements systems. They report, analyze, and interpret data, and develop recommendations and present summary findings to College leadership and department personnel. The Systems Analyst will serve as the data collecting and reporting liaison between Information Technology and other campus departments related to the campus ERP systems. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: Create and run reports from campus ERP system using the operational data store (ODS) and enterprise reporting tools. Work with stakeholders to develop and implement new reporting tools and automate processes. Document appropriate procedures, instructions, and rules to share knowledge and create standards. Maintain and/or create process documentation for business specifications. Serve as ERP subject-matter expert in coordination with campus departments. Liaison between Application Services and other departments to design, document, test, and implement system changes. Maintain effective contact with end users from various departments to discuss and analyze ERP system performance and efficiency; consult with end users to discuss desired system data output and user expectation; respond to diverse questions and issues from faculty and staff concerning ERP system processes and business practices. Support college institutional research by providing appropriate information and data. Design and maintain database and file structures used by the institution ERP system; establish, link, join and relate data within tables via scripts; maintain flow charts or narrative description of program flow, purpose and operation; examine output data from program operations to verify and assure accuracy and completeness of data. Gather, translate requests, and implement solutions with respect to campus administrative systems. Analyze current system integrations to identify possible areas of improvement and/or risk. Work closely with various functional groups to resolve system issues in a timely manner. Routinely monitor data quality and ensures that data integrity issues are being addressed. Completes other projects and related duties as assigned. KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: KNOWLEDGE OF: Relational database concepts, methods and techniques. ERP system structures and reporting methods (SunGard Higher Education Banner preferred). Systems Analyst Page 2 MS Office products (e.g. Excel, Access, Visio, Project). Complex analysis and reporting tools (eVisions ARGOS Preferred). Testing and debugging procedures. Recordkeeping and effective documentation techniques. ABILITY TO: Analyze business needs and take appropriate action to address them. Solve a wide variety of challenges involving people, technology, and the organization. Build consensus across multiple functional and technical organizations. Learn new skills and work in a fast changing environment. Apply critical thinking skills with the aptitude to translate business needs into technology solutions. Write complex SQL queries and verify accurate results. Use strong verbal, written communication and problem-solving skills. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree from four-year college or university; degree in computer science, business administration or closely related field preferred; and 3 years performing the essential duties and responsibilities of a Systems Analyst and/or related training; or Equivalent combination of education and experience. LICENSES AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Valid driver’s license. WORKING CONDITIONS: Incumbents regularly sit for long periods of time, walk short distances on a regular basis, occasionally travel to other offices or locations to attend meetings or pick up and/or deliver materials, use hands and fingers to operate an electronic keyboard or other office machines, speak clearly and distinctly with others; see to read fine print and operate computer; hear and understand voices over telephone and in person; lift, carry, and/or move objects weighing up to 10 pounds.

Easy Application:
*Remember to mention to employers when applying for this job*



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