College Jobs in Wisconsin
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Science for Technical Trades Instructor Pool - Adjunct (Part-Time) 
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Faculty-Science-Other Science
Posted 07/13/2020
Instructor-Math (LTE) 
Waukesha County Technical College
Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Posted 07/06/2020
Adjunct Instructor, Traffic Safety Program 
Gateway Technical College
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Faculty-Vocational & Technical-Other
Posted 07/03/2020
Communications Instructor (Speech & English) 
Blackhawk Technical College
Janesville, Wisconsin
Posted 07/13/2020
Part-time Instructor, Industrial Safety Trainer 
Mid-State Technical College
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Faculty-Engineering-Industrial & Manufacturing
Posted 04/29/2020
Criminal Justice Studies Instructor 
Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Faculty-Liberal Arts-Criminal Justice
Posted 04/29/2020
Admin-Human Resources
Posted 12/05/2019
PT Instructor Pool - Motorcycle Safety 
Madison Area Technical College
Madison, Wisconsin
Faculty-Vocational & Technical-Automotive Technology
Posted 11/26/2019
PT Instructor Pool - History 
Madison Area Technical College
Madison, Wisconsin
Admin-Instructional Technology And Design
Posted 10/30/2019
2018-2019 PT Pool Instructor - Political Science 
Madison Area Technical College
Madison, Wisconsin
Faculty-Liberal Arts-Political Science
Posted 01/30/2019
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