I'm proud of the students, faculty, and staff of the Austin Community College District, and of the significant contributions the college makes to the quality of life in Central Texas . Not only does ACC assist thousands of people in improving their lives, it is a major contributor to economic development throughout this region. Raising educational levels throughout ACC's Service Area benefits everyone -- by ensuring a quality workforce to provide the services we all count on, helping people raise their standard of living and thus their ability to contribute their fair share to the local tax bases which fund the public services infrastructure we all rely upon, and reducing social services costs.

Over half of all people who enter higher education now do so through the community college. As Texas continues to experience significant demographic changes, the importance of ACC as the "gateway to higher education" will also increase. ACC's transfer, workforce education, and access programs (such as adult education and developmental education) are the primary means for Central Texas to succeed in meeting the goals of the statewide "Closing the Gaps" initiative to bring thousands more into the higher education system in order to maintain the competitive workforce necessary to grow the economy.

Our institutional vision includes enhancing the public's understanding of ACC's diverse mission, and its direct relationship to economic development; expanding our in-district partners; promoting the success of ACC students; enhancing institutional efficiencies and effectiveness strategies; and enhancing the diversity of our students, faculty and staff to mirror the diversity found in the communities we serve.

Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability

The purpose of Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability is to support institutional effectiveness and accountability by conducting institutional research and analysis to provide information for the college-wide decisions support system. OIEA promotes and coordinates college-wide planning, assessment, continuous quality improvement, reporting to state, federal and accrediting agencies and the use of accurate and accessible information in a professional and ethical manner. - adopted September 2005
Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources serves ACC employees in a variety of ways and offers a wide range of institutional programs. Whether you are searching for a career opportunity, exploring your benefits, seeking education and training, simply accessing your records, or have questions, we are here to help you. Our mission is to meet your professional goals, provide accurate and up-to-date information, and help you get what you need in a timely and efficient manner. Our staff is only a phone call or email away and we can be accessed through the HR Directory link on this page.
Come and Make a Difference with Us

Working at ACC offers you an opportunity to be a part of an organization that truly believes in its mission of promoting student success and improving communities. We invite you to learn, explore and experience the many ways in which ACC promotes individual development and improves the overall quality of life in a vibrant, multicultural community. We are looking for people who value open, responsible exchange of ideas; individuals committed to integrity and exemplary standards, and candidates that value personal and professional ownership that generates accountability. ACC offers career employment opportunities as staff, administrator, full time faculty and adjunct faculty.


The Association of Professional Technical Employees (APTE) is an employee association based on the college's personnel classification system. You become part of the Association when you are hired as a professional/technical employee. The employee associations, --Full-Time Faculty Senate, Adjunct Faculty Association, Classified Employee Association and APTE--participate in the College's Shared Governance process, a collaborative process by which councils and committees review the college's processes and procedures and make recommendations for policy that are based on the mission, goals, and values of the college.

Professional Development and Evaluation Programs

Welcome to the Professional Development and Evaluation Programs Office. In order to assure that ACC has a highly productive and efficient faculty and staff, the Professional Development Office encourages and supports the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills of all ACC employees by coordinating and providing the highest quality professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. The office executes the recommendations of the Professional Development Committee.

The Star Award

The Star Award will be created to recognize and honor an ACC administrator that has proven to be an exceptional leader in the eyes of the APTE. Voting will occur online prior to the Summer APTE Business Meeting and the winner will be announced and recognized at the Fall General Assembly with a plaque.

ACC is a huge, complex organization and our operations are compounded by our large geographic Service Area, multiple campuses and centers, and faculty and staff who are challenged daily with multiple priorities which need to be addressed. Good communication is essential within the organization, and all of us bear responsibilities to make information as easily accessible as possible, and to be aware of the general information resources which exist to help us.