Houston Community College is embarking upon a critical time in its history with a bold, yet attainable vision for the future. Our vision is focused on three key concepts - relevant, opportunity and essential..

To ensure the organization achieves its vision and the critical pathway articulated in its strategic plan, it is imperative to clearly define the key themes articulated in the vision:

Relevant is defined as being closely connected to having demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand. HCC will be relevant in the way it uniquely meets the current and future needs of the region, its communities, residents and students.

Opportunity is defined as a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. HCC will be an opportunity institution, offering students the ability to learn, improve and ultimately achieve their goals.

Essential is defined as absolutely necessary; indispensable. HCC will be essential to the community's success through the services it provides and the value it brings to the growing and diverse Houston area.

Faculty & Staff

If you are looking for information for faculty and staff then look no further than myHCC.
New Employee Orientation for Part-time Employees & Adjunct Faculty

HCC employs about 3000 part-time and adjunct faculty per semester. That means plenty of new faces and many familiar ones who are all determined to meet the growing needs of our institution, and most of all, our students. It is important that new employees have access to information to help them manage their new environments and they are knowledgeable of available resources.
EAP Faculty & Staff Training

In 2005, HCC was the recipient of the National Council for Staff, Program and Organizational Development (NCSPOD) Institutional Merit Award. This award recognizes excellence in the delivery and impact of staff, program and organizational developments programs. Evaluation criteria include program objectives, creativity/innovation, impact, and evaluation of outcomes.


At HCC, we are ready to help. Our staff is passionate about supporting the community while improving the quality of life for Houstonians. From skills gap assessments to customized offerings, technology to interpersonal communication, we can help you improve your work experience or provide the skills you need to take the next step in your career. Read More >>

Northeast Instructor Visits Turkey

Welcome to HCC's Ultra Online technology training for 2011-2012. Like all skills and knowledge, mastery of technology skills takes time and persistence. This year's Internet-based training is brought to you via VTC.com. " Read More >>

College Leadership Program

The HCC College Leadership Program (CLP) is a year-long 72-hour certificate program designed to enhance the success of supervisors, department chairs, and administrators. The CLP provides information and resources, a forum for growth and development, a reduction in the "trial and error" method of learning, and opportunities for participants to receive supervisor coaching. CLP goals and objectives are aligned with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Competencies for Community College Leaders: Collaboration - Communication - Resource Management - Organizational Strategy - Professionalism - Community College Advocacy Read More >>