Over the past seventy-seven years we've served as educator to more than three million students. Affordable, accessible and practical, the LACCD offers opportunity to all. Our doors are wide open for a diverse student population eager for skills, knowledge and upward mobility. LACCD educates almost three times as many Latino students and nearly four times as many African-American students as all of the University of California campuses combined. Eighty percent of LACCD students are from underserved populations.

Community colleges serve adults of all ages, meeting the needs of a society where "lifelong learning" is the rule and multiple careers and continual retraining are the norm. More than half of all LACCD students are older than 25 years of age, and more than a quarter are 35 or older. More than any other California system of higher education, community colleges offer a first - and a second - chance for anyone who wants to succeed.

We offer our employees the opportunity to pursue a stimulating and worthwhile career in a friendly and diverse environment that nurtures talent and rewards success. From health plans to educational assistance programs, from retirement savings to time off, the LACCD provides staff members with an array of benefits that increase their financial security, help them develop professionally, and promote healthy, fulfilling lives.

Employment Opportunities

Here you can view our current vacancies and find all of the information you need about working with our team of talented and committed administrators, faculty, and staff. If you are not able to identify a suitable opportunity at the moment, please visit our website regularly.
Job Applicant Center

We encourage you to take advantage of the information available on this website. Learning what you need to do to apply is the first step. However, looking ahead to see what will occur in each step of the process will make the process easier. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us at: (213) 891-2129 or class_jobs@email.laccd.edu.
Project MATCH

Project MATCH addresses diversity needs of the Los Angeles area that are born of the regions ever-changing demographics. The Los Angeles Community College District, comprised of nine area community colleges, offers Project MATCH as a program to prepare and recruit a diverse community college faculty who are sensitive to the needs of the students and community it serves. The goals...


We are pleased to welcome you to the Human Resources web page - developed and maintained by the Human Resources Division of LACCD. The LACCD Human Resources Division is committed to providing high quality services to all prospective, current and past employees and to treating everyone with respect. Whatever your question - position vacancies, salary and benefits, employment verifications, tuition reimbursement or retirement - we want you to think of us as your experts on call.

New Employees

We are glad that you have chosen to work for the Los Angeles Community College District, the largest community college district in the nation! We are delighted to have you on our team.

Hiring Process

Appointment must be made from the top three ranks of those who are "ready, willing and able" to report for the job. Your name will be certified only to locations and type of positions (temporary vs. regular) which you select on your application. Availability may subsequently be changed by submitting a request in writing. Your name will remain on the eligibility list until you are hired, decline three job offers, or make yourself unavailable.