PCC offers more than 160 programs, including Transfer, Business, Health-Related, Social Service, Applied Arts Technologies, Applied Service & Trade Technologies, Engineering & Science Technologies, Transportation Services, Information Technology, Legal and Protective Services, and Education. For many of its 35-plus years, PCC has ranked among the 10 largest multi-campus community colleges in the nation, and currently enrolls more than 70,000 students annually. In the last five years, PCC has served 374,425 students.

Join Pima Community College's faculty and become part of a team of professionals committed to providing an excellent education to Pima students.

Organizational & Professional Development (OPD) offers training seminars and workshops that support the growth and professional development of Pima Community College employees.

We hope that you are inspired to become part of our future. Please join us in our efforts to expand educational opportunities in Southern Arizona. Together, we can make an important and lasting impact at Pima Community College and leave a legacy for generations of Southern Arizonans.

Workplace Education Program

Pima's Adult Education Workplace Education Program (WEP) provides customized on-site basic skills training.

WEP works closely with each employer to establish goals and priorities. Instructors are available to conduct job-task analyses to determine what skills workers need in order to perform their jobs effectively.

Classes are held on-site and offered as an opportunity to employees. In most cases, employees are given some release time from their regular work schedules or are provided other incentives to attend courses.

Pima Community College works with local businesses and organizations to provide the workforce and business development programs that support a healthy local economy.
Faculty Professional Development & Sabbaticals

Faculty sabbaticals, exchanges and professional enrichment awards support the professional development of PCC faculty. This, in turn, has a positive effect on PCC students and our community.


Get the best return on your training investment through Pima's Workforce and Business Development.

We are a professional service devoted to the design and delivery of education and employee training for businesses and organizations in Southern Arizona. We work with small businesses, non-profits and major corporations.

Training and Development

Pima Community College recognizes that a healthy economy requires that people constantly learn new skills, from the time they earn that initial college degree or certificate through their entire work experience to retirement.

Community Services

In addition to credit programs, the College offers non-credit personal interest classes, adult basic education services, programs for kids and teens, and child care facilities. Community members are welcome to use our libraries. Pima offers a wide variety of performing arts events that provide cultural opportunities for all segments of the community.

Investing in Pima Community College through the PCC Foundation benefits all of us, transforming the lives of individuals and creating a better-prepared workforce that fuels a healthy economy.