Wherever you're coming from and wherever you're going in life, Portland Community College probably has the classes and programs to get you there. Our unique role is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone, creating opportunities for our students and contributing to the economic development of our community.

Portland Community College is the largest institution of higher learning in the state, serving more than 1,373,758 college-age residents in a five-county, 1,500-square-mile area in NW Oregon. The PCC bond program will help to provide educational opportunities throughout the PCC district.

We appreciate your interest in working at Portland Community College and are committed to expanding the diversity of our faculty and staff. A diverse work force exemplifies the values PCC looks to instill in our students and directly advances our educational mission. Learn more about our college, our partner colleges, the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon and relocating here.

Gain the skills to jumpstart your career in more than 20 occupations in demand in the Portland metro area. Career Pathways Trainings are offered in an intensive, short-term format (1 or 2 terms). All trainings provide assistance and the tools needed to make a successful career transition in today's competitive job market. Credentials are available for most trainings.

Welcome to CLIMB

CLIMB is about more than just gaining skills for a new career or providing training for employees. It's about striving to reach your summit, no matter where you happen to start.

CLIMB stands for Continuous Learning for Individuals, Management and Business. That's because we offer professional education to everyone from front-line workers to CEOs. No matter where you are in your career, CLIMB has something to offer you.
Contract Training Services

The CLIMB Center for Advancement at Portland Community College is a fully capable resource designed to provide professional quality training and development services to help people and organizations reach the peak performance and results they need in an increasingly competitive market.
Faculty Employment Information

Faculty sabbaticals, exchanges and professional enrichment awards support the professional development of PCC faculty. This, in turn, has a positive effect on PCC students and our community.


When it comes to education and professional training, no other organization matches CLIMB for advancing careers, strengthening teams and improving operations.

Process Improvement

CLIMB's process improvement courses will provide you and your team with the tools you need to more efficiently and effectively run your business. Whether you need to eliminate wasteful steps, provide specialized leadership training, increase data accuracy, or improve in some area unique to your business, CLIMB is here to help.

Management and Confidential Job Classifications

Portland Community College (PCC) provides a written job classification for each distinct classification throughout PCC. A classification description is a broad document that may encompass a number of individual positions having similar responsibilities, yet which also have distinctly different or specialized duties that are performed. PCC updates these descriptions as essential functions, responsibilities or requirements change.

PCC offers a comprehensive benefit package designed to provide employees and their families, including domestic partners, with a broad range of employer and employee paid benefit options.