Spartanburg Community College (SCC) provides affordable access to high-quality technical, transfer and lifelong professional and personal development programs in a teaching and learning environment that prepares students for success. The College is a key community partner in advancing the Upstate's economy.

To change the lives and build the futures of our students and to be a catalyst for economic development through innovation, collaboration and excellence in educational programs and services.

Spartanburg Community College (SCC) is a public, two-year, multi-site, suburban college serving the citizens and communities of Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union Counties of South Carolina. SCC implements its mission through programs, services and partnerships that include:

We believe in the necessity of access to programs and services for the diverse populations we serve. We appreciate their perspectives and experiences. We encourage each person to learn at the highest levels of achievement through a variety of programs in a variety of formats. We practice teamwork and effective communication while maintaining a climate of mutual trust, and respect and fairness.

SCC proactively seeks to promote business growth in the service area through its Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Development.

SCC Office of Economic Development

Realizing the unique opportunity to be a vital player in economic growth of Spartanburg County, SCC created the Office of Economic Development, thus becoming an innovative leader in business and entrepreneurial development. A primary focus of this office is to promote collaboration between economic development organizations, government, business, and education to develop a business-friendly environment, which results in job growth in core and emerging industries. To this end, a partnership with Spartanburg County and the Area Chamber Economic Futures Group was strengthened.
Dollar$ and $ense

Knowing how to manage your money will help you prepare to meet your goals and have enough money to make them a reality. By learning how to take control of your money, your money will not take control of you.
Workforce Employment Services

These services will give a company the opportunity to observe potential employees in a work environment and will give potential employees the opportunity to learn more about a company before a final decision is made on the hire. The result will be a more cohesive fit between employee and employer.


The Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Development is also available to assist established business and industry partners with special projects. This program provides space that may be used to beta test a new product line or manufacturing process as well as train existing or new employees. In addition, space is available for the temporary warehousing of inventory.

Facilities and Benefits

All business clients located in The Center for Business and Entrepreneurial Development are provided many benefits. Office services are also provided to clients including the following:

Managing Credit & Debt

To buy a home, get a loan, deal with emergencies, make online purchases or do almost any kind of traveling, you must have access to credit. Over the course of your life, managing credit wisely can be one of the most important factors in achieving your goals.

Spartanburg Community College is pleased to provide applicants applying for full-time, adjunct, part-time and temporary positions with an online application. Please read the following information before applying. If you are applying for a FACULTY position, you must submit copies of appropriate transcripts with your application. All completed information must be submitted on or before the posted deadline. Original transcripts must be provided upon hire. Transcript information may be mailed, emailed, faxed or delivered to our Office of Human Resources.