For over 40 years, WCC's open-door admissions policy, affordable tuition rates, andhigh-quality classes have attracted students from local communities and around the world. More than 18,000 register for credit classes each year, and thousands more enroll in non-credit LifeLong Learning classes. WCC's diverse student body includes more than 1,000 students from over 100 foreign countries.

WCC's small classes allow for lots of individual attention. The average class size is 22 students. That's a fraction of the size of many basic classes at four-year colleges and universities.

WCC also emphasizes convenience. It offers classes seven days a week, at night, and online. And transferring is easy because WCC has agreements with four-year schools throughout Michigan.

Why WCC?

Small class sizes, expert faculty, streamlined services, university transfer programs, and facilities infused with technology are some of the things that bring students to Washtenaw Community College. For over 35 years WCC has maintained its commitment to keeping education affordable and providing a clean and picturesque environment in which to learn.

This means that you're getting the best possible start on a new career or a new chapter in your life. And you're not alone. Over 17,500 people register for credit classes each year. Another 6,000 take non-credit courses. Businesses throughout Washtenaw County and Southeast Michigan turn to WCC for employee training. Area manufacturers and skilled trades professionals put Washtenaw Community College at the top of their list for specialized instruction.
Combine the Best of Online and In-Person Classes

You complete most of your class work, such as watching video lectures and submitting assignments, online. But you also come to campus - usually just one day per week - to talk about what you're learning with your instructor and classmates.

Blended classes are flexible because you do most of your learning wherever and whenever it's best for you. You can do the online portion of your class work anywhere there's a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.
Job Fairs

Each year Employment Services hosts two Job Fairs - one in the Fall and one in the Spring - including many local employers who are actively seeking qualified applicants. These events are free and open to the community as well as WCC students and alumni.
LifeLong Learning

LifeLong Learning classes enrich and improve your life. They help you pursue interests and hobbies, grow in your career and meet professional requirements, or simply learn something new and fascinating. Experts from the community teach the non-credit classes, which Washtenaw Community College offers on campus and at convenient locations like Whole Foods. And if you have kids, there are classes for them, too.


Finding a new academic leader who will honor the hard work and vision of retiring President Larry Whitworth while bringing his or her own unique perspective on two-year education is a daunting task. It's arguably one of the most strategic undertakings facing the WCC Board of Trustees this year.

Connect Through the New WCC Alumni Association

You always thought you would stay in touch with your classmates, but a new course of study, your career, or other obligations got in the way after you attended WCC. Sure, you could track them down via Google, Facebook, or other online options. But WCC is now offering its graduates another way to reconnect that offers special advantages: the newly created WCC Alumni Association.

Just Like the Real Thing

You expect to find advanced medical simulation technology at a premier research center like the University of Michigan. But you will find similar technology a few miles away in specially equipped classrooms at WCC.

Step across the threshold of the WCC Human Patient Simulator Lab and you feel like you're walking into an urgent care unit. Curtains surround hospital beds, with many distressed patients. However, these patients are mannequins that come to life through computer-controlled hydraulics that simulate a wide variety of health conditions. They make it possible to give WCC nursing students a realistic preview of what they will encounter in their new jobs.