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Drawing & Design (2-D foundations) Instructor (Part-Time Pool)

City College of San Francisco

Job Description

This part-time position requires the ability to instruct classes in Drawing and Design (2-D Foundations), introduce the students to various media and processes in the discipline, giving demonstrations as needed. Instruction will also include visually illustrated lectures that cover historical and contemporary approaches in art nationally and globally. Teaching assignments can be scheduled as day, evening or weekend courses at the Ocean Campus: 50 Frida Kahlo Way, or at the Mission Campus: 1125 Valencia Street in San Francisco. Teaching online sections may be available for interested instructors with prior community college certified training or upon the completion of required training for online teaching at City College of San Francisco.

The Art Department schedules over 65 credit courses each semester in face-to-face, online and hybrid formats. Over 25 faculty members teach the disciplines of Art History, Ceramics, Chinese Brush Painting, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Metal Arts, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Watercolor. Art Department faculty and their curriculum support the transformative power of education and the responsibility to identify and serve the needs of more than 1000 students who reflect the rich ethnic and racial diversity, and complex socioeconomic reality of the Bay Area.

Job Duties

1. Instruct students in-person in Drawing and Design (2-D Foundations).

2. Conduct appropriate lectures and demonstrations as needed to instruct various methodologies in Drawing and Design (2-D Foundations).

3. Assign students various learning activities in accordance with the current course outlines, generate relevant instructional materials and lectures to promote student achievement and evaluate student progress.

4. Perform duties associated with instructing and assessing student progress including, but not limited to census, grading, and student learning outcomes.

5. Maintain appropriate records in accordance with the needs of the Drawing and Design (2-D Foundations) area in the Art Department and the expectations of the college in general.

6. Instruct students and demonstrate for safe and proper use of materials and tools.

7. Abide by and enforce college identified safety and hazardous materials protocols.

8. Coordinate with area faculty in ordering teaching/classroom supplies.

9. Routinely communicate with area faculty for ongoing improvement of teaching approaches, resources, student assessments and related reports.

10. Teach in-person day, evening and/or Saturday classes as required.

11. Participate in the departmental functions, such as committee work, faculty evaluations, staff meetings, gallery work, etc.

12. Supports and engages in an innovative culture of culturally responsive, inclusive and anti-racist practices as it relates to student success with an awareness of student equity gaps.

13. Participates in ongoing training on diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism to center pedagogy.

14. Perform other related duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to work with community college students with disabilities, various sexual orientations, and diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds (Required).

2. Masters in Fine Arts, Art, or Art History
Bachelors in any of the above
Masters in humanities
OR the equivalent.

( NOTE : ‘Masters in Fine Arts” as used here refers to any masters degree in the subject matter of fine arts, which is defined to include visual studio arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, and metal and jewelry art; and also art education and art therapy. It does not refer to the “Master of Fine Arts” ( MFA ) degree when that degree is based on specialization in performing arts or dance, film, video, photography, creative writing or other non-plastic arts.)

[The degree major(s) posted on an applicants transcript(s) must be exactly as listed above under the degree requirements. Otherwise applicant must claim education equivalency for the formal educational requirement. Applicants who are currently enrolled in Ph.D. programs that do not award a masters degree also need to claim education equivalency. The “Faculty Equivalency Application Form” is available on the left side margin. This form will be considered as part of the application materials and must be submitted on or before the filing deadline as indicated on this job posting.]

[If you have previously gone through the education equivalency for this same subject area from City College of San Francisco OR you have obtained the clarification of your “major” from the department chair/dean of the institution you attended in order to meet the minimum qualification for this job posting, you must submit a copy of the information. When attaching this document, please use the “Equivalency Application Form” link.]

Desirable Qualifications

1. One or more years of successful teaching experience in 2D Design and Drawing at the college level or in advanced high school courses or non-credit courses.

2. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with a wide range of materials and processes used in Drawing and Design.

3. Demonstrated ability to teach students with various levels of experience in art.

4. Demonstrated ability to teach non-art majors.

5. Demonstrated ability to retain students and promote student success;

6. Demonstrated skills to teach large classes via group methods;

7. Demonstration of commitment to current professional involvement in art.

8. Demonstrated ability to work professionally in a team environment on departmental projects.

9. Evidence of successful instructional experience at the university or college level using culturally responsive pedagogy.

10. Demonstrated experience with and knowledge of inequities in higher education and a commitment to rectifying policies and processes that restrict access for historically minoritized and disproportionately impacted students.


Application Procedure
To apply for this posting, start by completing an online Faculty Position Application Form at http://jobs.ccsf.edu. To be considered a candidate for this posting, the following materials must be submitted and received by the Human Resources Department on or before 11:59 p.m. of the posting filing deadline. Substitution of required document(s) is not permitted.

Applicant: Please do not send any application materials to the Department Chair. Human Resources Department is not responsible for any documents addressed and/or sent to the Department Chair.

1. A detailed letter expressing interest in the position, indicating specifically how the applicant meets the minimum qualifications. In addition, the letter should include how the applicant fulfills as many as possible, of the desirable qualifications. Minimum and desirable qualifications are listed in this posting. The letter should also address the applicants background and skills in the areas stated under Job Duties.
2. A current resume summarizing educational background, teaching experience, and related work experience.
3. A City College of San Francisco Electronic Faculty Position Application completed in full and applied to this specific posting online. The statement “See Resume” is not acceptable.
4. List 3 current professional references, working relationship within the last two years, who can speak to the candidates ability to teach the subject in the community college setting. References must include the current address, phone number and email as well as state the relationship to the candidate (e.g., department chair, supervisor, etc).
5. Copies of transcripts verifying the degrees and majors as listed on applicants CCSF Application Form; official transcripts and actual verification of work experience will be required at a later date. [ NOTE : Degrees and majors must be posted on transcripts to be considered in the application process. Foreign degree(s) must be evaluated before an application can be processed. Foreign Degree Evaluation sources information is located on the left side margin.]
6. Diversity Statement: Separate from your letter of interest, submit a concise response using only one page to discuss how your course content and teaching methods meet the needs of culturally and academically diverse learners. List classes or professional development activities you have participated in that directly relate to working with diverse student populations. (Note: Substitution of “diversity statement” with a “teaching philosophy” document will be automatically disqualified.) 7. Professional Portfolio: Please submit 10 pieces of your own work that demonstrates your experience and excellence in drawing and design (2-D composition) as a PDF file (not to exceed 10 MB). Please upload in either document 1or Portfolio . 8. Student Portfolio: Please submit 10 pieces of student work produced under your supervision as a separate PDF file (not to exceed 10 MB). Please upload in either document 2 or Portfolio .

Applicants bear the sole responsibility for ensuring that all application materials are complete when submitted and are received by the Human Resources Department by 11:59 p.m. on the posting filing deadline.

Postmarks will not be honored. Emails are not acceptable. Incomplete application packages will not be considered. All application materials become the property of the City College of San Francisco, and will not be returned. Application files for this posting will not be considered for other postings.

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