Dale Nesbary receives high praise from Muskegon Community College board of trustees in presidential evaluation

Muskegon Chronicle May 16, 2012

Muskegon Community College president Dale Nesbary

The evaluation isn’t official yet, but preliminary results suggest Muskegon Community College’s board of trustees is quite satisfied with college President Dale Nesbary.

The trustees shared their individual ratings of Nesbary at a board study session Monday afternoon. The individual ratings will be averaged to produce Nesbary’s final score, with 1 saying he did an unsatisfactory job and 5 saying his performance was outstanding.

Nesbary was rated on academic enhancement, financial management, communication, organizational planning and effective interaction with the community. He didn’t receive anything lower than a 3, which meant he met the board’s expectations and may have exceeded them.

Nesbary said he appreciated the board’s willingness to do his evaluation in a public way, but he thinks some of the metrics used to evaluate his performance could be tweaked. For example, the metrics don’t include the retention rate of students or how many disadvantaged students earn a degree, he said.

“Those are the kinds of things I think we need to focus on as an institution,” he said.
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