David Viar named superintendent - president at Glendale Community College District in California

The ARC Current May 12, 2013

David Viar chosen to lead Glendale Community College District

American River College President Dr. David Viar has been named superintendent/president at Glendale Community College district in Glendale, Calif., effective July 1, 2013.

Viar has been the President of ARC since 2005. During his tenure as president, he has overseen $150 million in renovations, and saw an average of 50,000 students attend each year at ARC.

This isn’t the first time Viar has been involved in taking a higher position at a community college in Southern Calif. Last year, Dr. Viar was a candidate for the same position at Santa Barbara Community College.

He is taking the job at Glendale Community College to be closer to his family.

“Our son and his wife have purchased a home in Glendale,” said Viar. “My wife and I felt like, ultimately, we wanted to get down to that area in the city where he actually lives.”

Being at an institution for eight years can bring challenges. Two of Viar’s challenges include the state’s fiscal problem and the cutbacks in funding.

The other major challenge was getting through the Proposition 8 controversy of 2008.

There are also successes, such as being involved in hiring around 136 new faculty and administrators since joining ARC, the new facilities on campus, and being able to meet all accreditation requirements.
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