Jack Bryant named president of Redlands Community College in Oklahoma

Redlands Community College December 19, 2013

Jack Bryant named president of Redlands Community College

Jack Bryant's role as the seventh president of Redlands Community College is now confirmed as a result of a unanimous vote of the Redlands Board of Regents during the December board meeting. Bryant has served as acting president of the college since June 27, 2013.

Travis Ketter, Chairman of the Board of Regents stated, "President Bryant is a leader and shows the passion and transparency the college needs in this exciting time. I am very proud of the board and feel privileged to be the chairperson as we move forward. He stepped up when called upon as acting president and proved he is the right person for the job. I would like to thank the faculty and staff for your work in supporting President Bryant over the past 6 months and I hope the unanimous vote for our new president shows that Redlands stands united."

During his tenure as acting president, Bryant has led the college into fiscal accountability by eliminating Redlands outstanding debt by more than 90 percent. Regent Kent Carder said, "Bryant has done a great job of continuing to take care of the debt and other problems as they have come."

Bryant has a diverse career in higher education spanning more than 30 years. The majority of his career has been spent on community college campuses. He's taught in the classroom; worked with special needs students; headed federal programs; and served as senior administration in student services, academic affairs and contract training.

Bryant has worked for Redlands twice. His first term from 1990-94, included time as an instructor, grant writer and program coordinator. Bryant returned to Redlands 2001 as vice president for contracted, continuing and online education. Since that time Bryant has served as the vice president for workforce and economic development.

Bryant's ability to lead and advance change is a staple of his career. Cherry Rain, President of the Faculty Association said, "Faculty are very pleased to be moving forward and President Bryant has done an incredible job the last few months rebuilding a solid, transparent and inclusive college environment."

"I have respect for President Bryant and know that he is very passionate and dedicated in the vision of moving Redlands forward" expressed Regent Richard Ruhl.

"I am honored to be chosen to lead this college. I would like to thank the Redlands Regents for naming me president," said Bryant. "Together along with the faculty, staff, students and community, we are building a stronger Redlands Community College."
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