St. Charles Community College begins national search for new president to replace John McGuire

St. Louis Post-Dispatch November 27, 2010
The search has begun for the third president of St. Charles Community College in its soon-to-be 25-year history.

And the man that new president will replace says the search should turn up some top-notch candidates.

According to a "draft time line" and memorandum posted last week on the college's website, the Board of Trustees hopes to announce the next president of the college in May 2011.

In the Nov. 19 memorandum, board President William Pundmann said a search committee to find a replacement for John McGuire, the current president, has been established along with the time line.

McGuire, 66, announced several weeks ago his plan to retire in September 2011. McGuire became the college's second president in November 1996 after Donald D. Shook retired.

"It is a good position. They will attract absolutely top-notch candidates," McGuire said last week. "In all likelihood, they will be able to choose from a successful sitting president."

There will be a national search for candidates. The time line calls for advertising the vacancy in various publications in February, with an application submission deadline of March 18.
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