Ding Jo Currie to retire as chancellor of Coast Community College District

Coast Report Online February 2, 2011
After 30 years of service to the Coast Community College District, Chancellor Ding Jo Currie recently announced that she will retire June 30.

Currie announced her retirement in a letter to faculty members Jan. 19, citing a personal change in priorities as her primary reason for leaving.

“I believe in the divine plan. It was not a coincidence that our family pilgrimage trip to Israel last June triggered a change in my personal spiritual journey that led me to reorder my priorities and find pathways to a new purpose in serving humanity. My soul has been stirred ever since last summer and a number of signs appeared to let me know the time has come for such a change,” Currie wrote in the letter.

As the chancellor of the Coast Community College District, a position that Currie has held for one year, she is the Chief executive officer responsible for Coastline Community College, Golden West College and Orange Coast College.

Before becoming chancellor, Currie was president of Coastline Community College.
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