Prestige Ad
Elite Promotion for Your Most Important Positions
Need to fill a high-profile leadership position?

With a Prestige Ad, you'll capture the attention of academia's finest leaders and executives.

Prestige Ads are the proven and effective way to recruit presidents, chancellors, vice-presidents, deans, provosts, and other senior-level administrators.
How it Works:
E-mail us the job announcement details.
Our award-winning design team creates your Prestige Ad.
Your ad will be displayed in a prime front page location to attract top executive talent.
When clicked, the front page ad opens to a full page ad that showcases your campus and the job details.
Your ad will be viewed more than 150,000 times on our front page.
Prestige Ads are viewed and clicked 10 times more than basic ads.
Your ad will be promoted on our Social Media accounts, which are followed by 16,000 academic professionals.
Bonus Placement:
For no extra charge, your Prestige Ad will also be placed on two more leading national websites:
The Prestige Ad costs only $845. Your ad will appear on 3 leading websites -
- for a total of $845. This instantly saves your college $1690.
Get Started Today:
To order your Prestige Ad, just email your job details to us at

Our design team will begin creating your ad.

Your Prestige Ad will go live on our websites within 5 hours, and we will email your invoice on the same day.


Example: Your ad will be seen in prime location
Example: Front page ad opens to your customized full-page ad


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